Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more information about pricing?
To learn more about our prices, please call one of our courteous front line agents! You can also send an email to

Can I smoke on the bus
Unfortunately we don’t allow smoking of any kind on the vehicle. This is to respect our non smoking patrons and it keeps our vehicles fresh and clean.

Can my guests drink on the bus?
As long as they’re at or over 21 years of age, they’re welcome to drink on the vehicle.

Are we required to tip the driver?
Absolutely not! Although we do encourage it if you feel that our driver went above and beyond.

Can we stop so I can use the bathroom?
Of course. We allow for unlimited stops!

Would I be better off renting a limousine or a party bus?
It all depends. Limousines are generally better for smaller groups who are trying to get to a destination and nothing more. Our party buses are perfect if you’re looking to party on board!